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hyousi SAMPLE by hayousena1  by hayousena3 Sample by hayousena7  Sample by hayousena8  by hayousenaurahyousi SAMPLE by hayousena
size : B5 / cover illustration : color / comic : monochrome / 12 page / price : 300 yen

Girls fantasy world travelogue JP (Japanese Edition)

Pre-order page! →

Cover illust

Girl's fantasy world travelogue Cover illust by hayousena

Sample page

Girl's fantasy world travelogue Sample page by hayousena…
I am plan to broadcast draw a picture of work! 8:00 P.M JPN May 31 2016.

  【第一回:電子書籍『わたしの勇者さま(1)』表紙制作】 5月31日20時~

comic market 90 circle cut by hayousena
I plan to put out a original story book "Girl's fantasy world travelogue"!

It will be released ファンタジー歴史人物事典 日本史コレクション (Amazon's link)

I offered artworks to this book.
This book will be released this month!
I was awarded JPA in popcul5! I went to popcul5 the day before yesterday in order to attend the award ceremony!

CYZXwCUUoAELv7A by hayousena
Thank you very much!
I've start mail order in dA! “East Twelve Constellations Boys” Clender!
Clender by hayousena
Status: open (December 1, 2015~)

Commission info:
 I will do character, monster and scenery etc. Please refer to my gallery.
Unfortunately, I will do not Request and Art-trade. Because, if I draw a art outside of work, I want draw my favorite things!
If you described my name,You may commercial use and prints. If you want commercial use or prints, please tell me.
You may not modification.

Estimated price: Drawing contents can negotiable!
Virgo by hayousenaA4/350dpi/psd or jpg/1 character & background: 700$
swordworld and aph series fanart16 by hayousenaA4/350dpi/psd or jpg/2 character: 700$
Gemini by hayousenaA4/350dpi/psd or jpg/3 character & background: 900$

Payment: paypal only.

If you want to commission me,
1 please send me an Email to Please use template and mail title "commission".
2 I will reply to your mail. I will see your order contents, and tell you the price.
3 Once the price negotiation is established, you will receive a WIP. If there is no problem, I will continue to draw. 
4 I'll send you a screenshot. if satisfied, please pay in full. After the payment, you will receive the file in it's original resolution.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Order template

Your name:
Your Email:
Delivery date:
Order contents:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
I join to COMIC CITY Osaka 104 in Osaka!
Please come to my place "メ27b"!
2016cc W by hayousena

It be possible shipping International. (New Year's card only)

I've start mail order "New year's card" in my BOOTH!
This service will receive a New Year's card from me.

You can not to know contents of artwork until to arrive. (In other words ”secret”)
It is build-to-order manufacturing. And accepting this order Until 12/8.
How to use BOOTH mail order
  1. Please go to BOOTH  → "ログイン"(login)
  2. "pixivIDで新規登録/ログイン" (create new pixiv account / login) 
  3. "メールアドレス(mail address) または(or) twitter, google, facebook".
    You can create new account

  4. Please go to new year's card's URL. → "予約する"(an advance order)
  5. Please do not put the cart the goods other than New Year's card. Other goods can not be shipped to other than Japan.
    → レジに進む(pay off) → Enter login password
  6. お届け先指定(Please write receiver's address).
    郵便番号(Postal code)
    都道府県(Prefectures. Please choose 北海道(Hokkaidou), because if not selected it, can not proceed.)
    市区町村・丁目・番地(address. I write as it is here.)
    建物名(Please blank.)
    電話番号(Phone number. I will contact using message. Therefore, please write "00000000000" .)

    ※here is site that plan to shipping only in Japan. Therefore, it is such irregular writing.
  7. お支払方法(The choice of payment method)
    Please choice "クレジットカード決済(即時決済)"(Credit-card transactions) and please crick "クレジットカードを追加する" (add Credit-card). Can to use VISA or Master Card.
    If there is a bank that can be used in your country, it is also possible to choice ”銀行・コンビニ決済”(Bank or convenience store settlement).

    Then, please crick "ご注文確認へ" (Confirmation of order contents)
  8. Please check your entries. Then, please crick ご注文確定(confirmed). In the case of Credit-card transactions, Finish!
  9. ※In the case of Bank settlement
    Please crick "お支払いはこちら"(payment is here). Then, please crick "ネットバンキング"(net banking). Please follow the site instructions from there. Finish!
If there is something trouble, please crick 問い合わせ(Contact).
tumblr,  Personal hobby site and blog etc.

1 take the permission to me.
2 Put a link to my site (…) to the page where the image is stuck. And put my name (Hayosena).
Please observe these.

Can not allow: Works folder's artworks
I've start mail order in BOOTH!
Unfortunately, Shipping in Japan only.
  • Sword Heta World
Sodoheta Sample by hayousenaSword Heta World Fanart Book vol.1 32P/All FC/400yen 
Sodoheta Dice1 by hayousenaSword Heta World Hero6! Dice 300yen
  • Original art book
original Sample1 by hayousenaEast Twelve Constellations Boys 20P/All FC/300yen
I will join to APH do-jin event (いい国つくろう名古屋世界会議15) in the consignment!
This event's site →…
APH only event circle cut1 by hayousena Sodoheta Sample by hayousena Sodoheta Dice1 by hayousena
I join to Comic Market 88 in Tokyo!
My place is "2日目 東コ35a (August 15 Eastコ35a)". (This is Hetaria's place)
Please come to my place!
Distribution products in C88 and mail order by hayousena
Hi, I'm hayosena.
I have been working as an illustrator in Japan.
Thank you for tha fav, watchers and comments!
I may not be able to respond, but I'm sure to read them. 

I made English version site.